Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Imbolc Bulbs of Hope

Planting Imbolc Bulbs of Hope

Planting Imbolc bulbs of hope is a fabulous way of concentrating your intentions and focusing your desires. Imbolc is a wonderful time to do this as the earth is awaking and spring is returning. Firstly gather your pots, soil and bulbs, you may like to decorate the outside of your pot with the symbol of your desire. As you plant each bulb, hold the bulb and focus your intent, you may like to say out loud a blessing as you plant the bulb into the soil.

As you nurture your bulbs and watch them grow, so your dreams and desires will be fulfilled. This is a lovely blessing to involve all the family with, children will love planting their own bulbs of hope and watch them grow. You can explain to them the significance of Imbolc meaning the belly of the earth and the fact that the spring is awakening all the animals and plants and in the same way these bulbs will spring to life.

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