Saturday, 26 January 2013

Imbolc symbolism in the wheel of the year

Imbolc is celebrated around the world in many cultures and in different names. All Virgin and Maiden Goddesses are honored at this time as Imbolc is seen as the festival of renewal and growth.

Various names for this festival are: Imbolgc Brigantia (Caledonni), Imbolic (Celtic), Disting (Teutonic, Feb 14th), Lupercus (Strega), St. Bridget's Day (Christian), Candlemas, Candlelaria (Mexican), The Snowdrop Festival, The Festival of Lights, or the Feast of the Virgin.

Herbs of Imbolc:
Angelica, Basil, Bay Laurel, Blackberry, Celandine, Coltsfoot, Heather, Iris, Myrrh, Tansy, Violets, and all white or yellow flower

Symbolism of Imbolc:
Purity, Growth and Re-Newal, The Re-Union of the Goddess and the God, Fertility. Brighid's Crosses are fashioned from wheat stalks and exchanged as symbols of protection and prosperity in the coming year

Deities of Imbolc:
All Virgin/Maiden Goddesses, Brighid, Inanna, Gaia, and Februa, and Gods of Love and Fertility

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