Thursday, 31 January 2013

Pagan Ways to Celebrate Imbolc

Ways to Celebrate Imbolc

Celebrating the Pagan festival of Imbolc with your family, friends or on your own is a wonderful way of acknowledging our Mother Earth, Gaia and all that she provides us. Recognizing the Pagan Wheel of the Year and the turning of the seasons keeps us in touch with the earth and connects us mind, body and spirit.

The following are a few ideas of how you can enjoy celebrating this wonderful time of year when we see the first buds on the trees and the shoots of bulbs pushing through the soil as the earth begins to awaken from its long slumber.

.                Spring clean your house and carry out a home purification( see my psychic protection pages www.astarte-moon.co.uk)

.                Look to your health and ways in which you may improve it.

.                Try some Imbolc candle meditation also meditate on your reflective and intuitive qualities and how you can use then and enhance your life.

.                Light white candles and burn them throughout Imbolc eve, in your windows or the centre of your house.
Make some handmade candles of your own, it is said to be lucky to make these on the day of Imbolc itself.
.                Pour a little milk on the ground as a tribute to Mother Earth Gaia (soya or rice milk serves the purpose brilliantly!) Ask for growth and fertility in any areas of your life you may feel need it.  Drink the rest of the milk then or use in your cooking.

.                Plant new plants in your garden or window box.

Begin a moon diary.  The moon puts us in touch with our emotional selves and balances our solar minds.  It can be very insightful to keep a diary of  how we feel physically and emotionally and how this may relate to the moon.
            Make Brighde dolls or Brigit crosses. Hang the crosses above your hearth or bed for luck prosperity and fertility in the coming year.

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