Monday, 14 January 2013

Waning Moon Influencing mood and wellbeing

How could the cycle of the moon possibly influence our mood and happiness?

Do you ever wonder why some weeks you feel full of energy and others you struggle to get even basic tasks completed? How about your children, do they behave differently at different times throughout a month? Interestingly, some of it could be related to the cycle of the moon..

We have all heard stories about the full moon making people go a little crazy. Crime statistics and hospital admissions are raised during the time of the full moon. Similarly insurance companies report an increase in accidents over this time. We don’t know all the scientific reasons behind this however experts have said that it may be related to the number of positive and negative ions that are in the atmosphere. This is in the same way that the sea air makes you feel good, as there are more negative ions in the atmosphere at the sea.

At different times of the month the moon gets larger, this is called waxing; or smaller, this is called waning. All these different stages: full moon, waxing moon(growing), waning moon(diminishing) and new moon (when you can’t see it in the sky) can have an effect on our moods and our well being.

In our busy lives it is good to sometimes good to slow down and take time to look at our current situation. I know that is not easy when we are so busy, but ultimately it may save you time in the long run and make you a happier person. And of course if you are happier you know that your family will be too!  Getting in touch with nature is an excellent way of improving your long-term health and happiness.

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