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Waning Moon Space Clearing exercise

Waning Moon Space Clearing Exercise

The waning moon brings with it a period of inward thinking, we are less inclined to start big projects and more inclined to reflect and meditate. We can use this natural inclination to look at what needs to be removed from our lives to perhaps create areas of clarity where they are needed.  The more we use the moon’s rhythms to create harmony in our lives the more we will find that our lives will run on a more even track. Gardeners have been using this knowledge of the moon for years, knowing that during the waning moon plants grow less thus this is the time for weeding and mowing, not for planting new seeds. We are only just awakening to this knowledge that has been around us since time began!

The waning moon is a perfect time to create a little space in your home. We all have areas in our homes I’m sure that could benefit from a little de-cluttering. If you are like me then there are projects all over the house that need attention! If this is the case then during the weeks of the waning moon perhaps just pick one task.  Clutter around you, at home at work, even in your car or on your computer can be overwhelming and create stresses and strains in your life often leading to a constant draining feeling. You may not realize the clutter that has accumulated until you take a little time out to sit and think about what has built up over the months of running from one task to another.

Sometimes it may feel a little daunting to just select one project to work on. The key thing to remember is that you don’t have to be clutter free all the time, nobody is perfect! You may like to use a pendulum to choose which area is the best one for you to be working on at the moment. Draw a grid on a piece of paper with either two or four squares or more if you need them.  You can then divine which is the best area for you by either asking for a yes no answer from your pendulum or by noticing a downward tug on the pendulum as you pass over the square that is to be your chosen area. If you don’t have a pendulum any small heavy object would do such as a pendant or ring. Or you can purchase a pendulum here: http://www.astarte-moon.co.uk/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=18&products_id=306

Remember your project does not need to be a large one. You may be in the mood for doing a whole room in your house or just one drawer in a filing cabinet. I decided to tackle the photographs on my computer which believe me was no mean feat! Whatever you choose to do you will find that the letting go energy of the moon will spur you forward and even the worst hoarders of us will find it easier to let go of items that they have been hanging on to unnecessarily. Try to make light of the task and enjoy it, rope in the help of friends and family if it helps!

You may like to use the following blessing:
Goddess Moon you slowly wane,
your beauty always a constant wonder.
May you continually keep my life in a
natural rythym.
May you teach me to accept natural flow into my life and to cultivate harmony, letting go of all that is not needed.

You will find the area that you have de cluttered feels lighter once you have finished your task.  You should feel that you feel a little more at peace inside yourself and ready to face whatever challenges life brings you over the coming weeks and months.  You may like to finish off your work with a cleansing ritual. You could sprinkle salt water around the area you have been working or use a sage smudging stick. Finally you can thank the moon for her help in your space clearing exercise and then reward yourself with a nice hot bath, large bar of chocolate or glass of red wine, whichever appeals to you the most!!

For more information on lunar cycles you can visit the Astarte-Moon website here: http://www.astarte-moon.co.uk/Astartemoon/Moon_Cycles_Phases_waxing_waning.html

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