Sunday, 24 February 2013

Full Moon Pagan Names February 2013

Full Moon February 2013

Our next full moon is nearly here! She is due to be 100% full Feb 25, 2013 – 20:29 (GMT)

This full moon was given many different names depending on what she meant to the people that were gazing upon her. This February moon was traditionally called the snow moon by American Indian tribes due to February being the month that saw the most snow. It was also called the hunger moon as this was the month when time were hardest. Other names that the February moon has been given are trappers Moon, opening buds moon and quickening moon, all related to what people experienced in their daily lives at the time of the February moon.

This moon is perfect for renewals. It is time to complete any tasks that are currently on-going in order to make way for new beginnings in your life. Blessings, Astarte-Alison

artwork AstarteAlison xx

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