Monday, 25 February 2013

Goddess Nematona Celtic Goddess of the sacred space

Goddess Nematona

Nematona is a very ancient goddess of the Celts, specifically those in Gaul (what is now France).Her name derives from the Gaulish word nemeton, meaning "sacred space". She is the guardian deity of all sacred places such as circles or magickal groves. During ancient times our ancestors held most of their sacred ceremonies outdoors, favouring small woods with well-formed trees and circular formations made out of primeval rocks and stones. These sacred spaces were nurtured by Nemetona, who silently watched over the ceremonies, infusing them with wisdom and guidance. Thus Nematona personifies the ancient Celtic and Druid way of celebrating and honouring their Gods and Goddesses.

This beautiful artwork is by Nicole Cadet on DeviantArt. Nicole says about the painting "She embodies the link between magic and sacred sites. She's quite stylized/ decorative as compared to a lot of my other work." You can see more of Nicole's amazing artwork on her website http://www.nicolecadet.com/, she is definitely worth taking a look at she has some beautiful work.

Nematona is a liminal creature, who is at her most powerful at dawn and at dusk. She holds the space, usually a circle, when in ritual or simply sitting out. She is that which lies between – she is both of this world and another. The blackbird if often her messenger, singing to her in the still softness of dusk. 

 Nematona is a Pagan goddess whose worship was once widespread around the area of Trier, Germany by  people known as the Nemetes.   A shrine to her was erected at Bath, England, where she was depicted as seated and surrounded by three hooded figures and a ram. The three figures represent the Triple Goddess and the ram is a male fertility symbol often linked to Cernunnos, the Horned God. Inscriptions found have shown that the Romans affiliated Nemetona with Mars. In Trier and Altrip, in Germany, inscriptions have been found pairing her with Mars specifically and in Bath with Loucetios Mars. Goddess Nematona's  name survives in many place names including Augustonemeton (France), Nemetacum/Nemetocerna Atrebatum (Northern France), Nemetobriga, Nemetodurum (modern Vernantes), Nemetatae (A tribe in Northern Spain), Nemetostatio (England), Vernenetum and Medionemeton (both in England).

Call upon the Pagan Goddess Nemetona to bless your circle and for bestowing protection on all your sacred spaces.

This sacred circle can include our own personal aura, that subtle body that marks our boundaries in a deeper, more intangible way.

Nematona's arms enfold us within the sacred circle. She shows us through her power how to connect with our inner soul. She is a Goddess of sanctuary and as such you can call on her when you need protection for your home and family.

With the connection of Goddess Nematona you can celebrate the beauty of the sacred circle together with your own sacred being and power that you build within yourslf.


  1. Thank you for linking me to the post :) I'd not heard about this goddess when I painted this piece, I enjoy learning about some of the more obscure goddesses

    1. Hi Nicole, thanks for commenting. Yes it's funny I was looking through all the goddesses I've written about to choose one to go with this pic as it's fabulous and this seemed to fit perfectly. So adore your work, will find more writing to tie up with your amazing artwork, blessings, Alison xx

  2. Thanx for honouring our powerful Goddess of sacred places kind Alison .... *I share with you my favourite prayers*

    Nematona, goddess of green groves,
    who hallows the good earth beneath our feet,
    the stones within the soil, the tall trees rooted
    in dirt and clay, seeking the sweet water
    far below–all grow in spirit and substance
    at your touch. Queenly one, well crowned, well enthroned,
    your grace and might well known in times long past,
    O far-famed goddess, your name a prayer of sanctity.
    Nematona, guide me to stand firm-footed and free
    in the warm grass, guide me to feel the coming cold
    underneath me, help me to know the sacred world
    around me. Goddess, I praise you and ask your blessing.

    1. Beautiful poem. I learned of Nematona from the fabulous Celtic Author and Scholar, Morgan Llywelyn. Morgan says she is the "Daughter of the Trees."

  3. That's beautiful Eliseo did you write it? Full moon Blessings to you , Alison