Thursday, 7 February 2013

Waning Moon Pagan Water Healing

Waning Moon Water Healing.

When the moon is waning, ie getting smaller this is a particularly good time for any banishing activities; getting rid of anything in your life that you not longer need or does not serve a purpose.  This is a very good period to get ride of any chronic illness or pain.

When the moon is waning, water that you have made when the moon is at her fullness is particularly good for banishing any chronic pain or sickness you or anyone near to you may be experiencing. Use your own intuition as to how you feel you should use the water to treat the illness. One suggestion is to rub a little into the painful area in an anti clockwise manner or to anoint the centre of your brow or your temples. You may also like to swirl the water in an anti clockwise direction and then drink it.

A chant at this time might be useful such as: Healing water of our mother moon, banish this sickness that serves me no need. I give thanks to you for your healing power and feel renewed with your energy.

Blessings, Alison xx

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