Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Waxing gibbous moon, a time of energy

The Waxing gibbous moon gives us a time for finishing off projects started with the new moon.

This is the phase when the moon is almost full and she is visible from just after sunset right through the night until dawn.

From here until the full moon you can make the most of her incredible waxing energy. This is an ideal time for expressing your feelings and for making the most of the energy you are feeling.  The moon is visible in the sky all night so try and make a point every evening of offering up a blessing for all that you have in your life and asking for help with any tasks that you are completing in time for the full moon.

Blessings, Alison


  1. Nice post. I love working with the phases of the moon.

  2. Thank-you Mary it's nice of you to read the post. Yes I'm trying to work within the moon cycles and I am finding it does really help. xx