Saturday, 23 March 2013

Brighter days are ahead, the coming of spring

Spring is on it's way! It may not seem so at them moment as I'm sitting writing this it is snowing and is the coldest March in England for 50 years apparently! They are even talking about gas shortages due to the un-prescedented weather! However we have passed Ostara and are on our way to Easter so the days are getting longer, the wheel of the year is turning and there is an anticipation of the eventual arrival of spring!

Just as the seasons and moon cycles sometimes mirror our own lives, when we are having down days we can remind ourselves that brighter and happier days are to come. It is very difficult when you are down to think that things will ever be better but they will be. Sometimes you just have to surrender to the higher power and trust that the next day will be an improvement. 

Spring alway comes around, even if it sometimes takes a while in getting there. Just as the wheel of the year always turns so we need to trust that there will always be a brighter day.  Remember this when you are having one of those days, we appreciate the spring so much as it is a relief from colder and darker days. 

The same happens with our emotions, we feel good as we know what it feels like to not feel good. That is life and is all part of our human experience on this journey we are on. Enjoy your human experience and appreciate that no day is exactly the same as the one before. Some will be better. Some will be worse. They all add up the sum that is our being, trust that this is the right path you are on, Spring will always be there for you.

Here is a lovely poem for you that I stumbled upon:
For all the pain and suffering,
And every tear you’ve shed,
And all the disappointments—
There are brighter days ahead.
Tomorrow will be better.

For every sleepless night,
And every hectic day,
And for every problem
Encountered by the way—
Tomorrow will be better.

For every friend lost,
And every heartache gained,
For every cloudy sky,
And every dropp of rain—
Tomorrow will be better.

Tomorrow will be better;
Believe that it is true.
Brighter days are just ahead,
And it’s all for you. 
This and similar poems may be found from the page: http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/brighter-days-4/

Spring blessings to you, AstarteAlison


  1. Such a beautiful post! I love the poem! Blessings ;o)

  2. ...brrrrrr! ~ your winter maiden is a feisty girl! ~ blessed be! ~ dear kindred heart!...(0: