Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Ostara Oestara free Pagan e-card

Free Ostara Oestara Eostre e-card. Please feel free to grab the image and send it out to your friends and family to wish them a happy and fulfilling Ostara.  

Oestara is the joyful festival in the Pagan wheel of the year that heralds the return of spring.  It is a festival of balance, when day and night are of equal length.  It is also a time of fertilitly and new life, the egg symbolising the re-birth of nature and the fertility of the earth.  Oestara, or Oestare, the Norse Goddess of light is celebrated at this time of year.  Oestara is the root of the word oestrus, and oestrogen. It is believed that at Oestara the Goddess becomes pregnant with the god to give birth at Yule.  The myth surrounding Oestara says that she opened the gates of spring on equinox morning and her magical animal, the white hare, dashed across the snow, promising that spring was on its way.

Our ancestors seemed much more in touch with the earth energies that meander unseen beneath the ground that we walk on than we ourselves are today. From Eostre, the Spring Equinox to St George’s Day many dragon rituals and processions took place celebrating the dragon energy beneath our earth. The fertile earth energy is activated and runs strongly at this time of year so spring was seen as a good time to celebrate this.

We can take time to celebrate this wonderful heralding of the spring by going somewhere where the earth’s energy runs strong, on a ley line or dragon path.  It is easy to find out where these are by researching on the internet.

Taking time to meditate with trees can be a very special feeling to share with mother nature, especially Alder, Ash or Birch if you know of any that grow nearby.  Other fun things to do are of course decorating eggs and blessing and planting seeds. Please see my previous posts on ways to celebrate Ostara.

Just as Imbolc heralds the very first stirrings of the earth, Oestara brings the beginning of spring, the joy of fertility and the balance of light and dark. The Pagan wheel of the year demonstrates to us the changing of the seasons and how we must embrace each change and enjoy the new opportunities around every corner.

More information about the Sabbats and wheel of the year may be found here:http://www.astarte-moon.co.uk/Astartemoon/Wheel_of_the_Year_imbolc_beltane.html

Ostara, Oestara  is a perfect time for getting in touch with old friends and re-newing old acquaintances so why not do that by sending them a lovely message and picture.  You are free to send any of the images on my site, they are all my original work unless labelled from the artist I have shared from. All artwork I use on my site is fully credited to the artist who produced the lovely image. There are so many talented artists out there! 

Oestara blessings to you, may your Oestara be a joyous and fruitful one,
Alison xx


  1. Ostara blessings to you, or Mabon as it is for you xx

  2. I taught my 5 year old what spring is this year and now he is able to notice it all over. Happy Spring.

  3. Ah that's really lovely, so many wonderful things to do with children at this time of year, blessings to you xx