Saturday, 18 May 2013

25 Ways to Celebrate Litha! How will you celebrate the summer solstice?

25 Ways to Celebrate the turning of the wheel to the Summer Solstice.

Watch the sun rise and set on this longest midsummer day.

Keep a candle burning all day as a lovely homage to the power of the sun.

Celebrate solar energy at Litha by decorating your home with yellow, gold, orange, and red.
rose quartz,pentacle,astarte-moon,pagan
Cherry Quartz Sun Catcher

Go outside into the countryside or your local park and enjoy being at one with our mother earth.

Make or buy pretty Sun-Catchers to hang in your windows to welcome the sun into your home at Litha.

Leave out milk and honey as an offering to the Fae folk

Make a list of everything you wish to manifest during the next six months

Practice candle or fire divination.

Make a sunny Litha decoration from dried oranges.

Deck your house with Birch, Fennel, St. Johns Wort, Orpin and White Lilies, traditionally popular at Litha.

Tie Vervain, Rosemary, and Hyssop with white thread and dip the tips into a bowl of spring water and sprinkle the water around the house to chase out negativity.

Have an outdoor breakfast picnic to welcome the summer Solstice.

Make a pledge to our Mother Earth, Gaia, for something that you will do to improve the environment and then begin carrying it out

Go bird watching. Take a guidebook, so you will know what you are looking at. The birds may bless you with a feather.
Paint images of the sun or make sun models from discarded packaging and hang them up around your home.

Wear gemstones in green or warm colours such as tigers eye or malachite.

Tigers Eye Pentacle Protection Earrings
Make solar water by leaving a bowl of springwater under the midday sun for a few hours and then use to drink or cleanse your crystals.

Lavender is abundant at this time of year, collect some, hang it upside down and then make into herb pillows for restful sleep.

Leave any crystals or items of jewellery you would like to imbue with the sun’s energy out in the sun for a few hours during the day of Litha.

When you get the opportunity at some point during the day of the summer solstice, stand with your feet firmly grounded and raise your arm and palms upwards towards the sun. Imagine the sun’s vital energy coursing through your body filling you with love and light.

Burn sun oils and incense such as Orange Essential Oil and Frankincense to welcome warmth and light into your home.

Build a fairy house with your children to welcome the fae folk into your garden.

Bring roses into your home, as this is the Goddess flower for this time of the year.

Make a garland out of garden flowers, or a daisy chain.

Tie a bunch of Fennel with red ribbons and hang over the door for long life and protection of the home.

However you spend this long midsummers day of Litha, alone or with friends or family, enjoy it and try and spend some time in Mother Nature. Sing and dance if you feel like it, do whatever comes naturally to you to celebrate summer and enjoy the day.

Litha blessings to you, Alison xx