Friday, 10 May 2013

I am enough. Today I will dance, laugh and sparkle. Positive affirmation.

I am enough. I am kind loving and compassionate. Today I will dance, laugh and sparkle.

If you are able to then print this positive affirmation out and stick it somewhere where you will always see it such as the back of the loo door or the door of the fridge. Say the affirmation out loud before you get into your car to do the supermarket shop or have that meeting with your child's teacher. Saying positive affirmations out loud helps to re-enforce the message to your inner self and increase the abundance in your life. The more you practice with affirmations such as this the more positive your outlook on life will be, the more you will believe in yourself and the happier you and the people around you will be.

You are enough, you are amazing. Enjoy the newness that today brings you, never knowing what the day will have in store for you. Dance around your kitchen to that cheesy song on the radio, laugh at your Boss' jokes at work and spread a little sparkle wherever you go.

Sparkly Goddess blessings to you, Alison


  1. ...(O: biggest kettledrum hugs to thee!...

    1. Thank-you! Sending you tambourine hugs back! xx

  2. Perfect ;o) I am dancing while I am typing ;o) Hugs ;o)

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  4. Thank you very much, sending sparkly blessings to you xxx