Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Introducing the fabulous art and poetry of Ruth Calder Murphy

I'd like to introduce my friend and very talented writer and artist Ruth Calder Murphy. She writes amazing poetry and short stories that are available from Amazon and has produced some stunning artwork which is available via her website ruthcaldermurphy.com

This is one of her lovely poems and pieces of work:

Symphony of Life
- By Ruth Calder Murphy -

The lines are straight

and black,
clear as dictation
and every note,
as mathematics.
The baton is raised,
a white line
against a black dress,
every black-clad musician
takes a breath...
And on the baton’s fall,
the spectrum splits
and all -
all the black-and-white world -
to infinite rainbows.
Beyond the binary,
Behind the spaces,
spinning off between the lines,
the music shines...
and nothing is black-and-white.

Picture: "Symphony" by Ruth Calder Murphy


Some of her books are available from Amazon by clicking on the links below:

This is the description of Wings of a thousand Tigers: "An eclectic collection of short stories and poetry, Wings of a Thousand Tigers explores Time, Eternity, Mother Nature, Serendipity and the possibility of Divinity. Dark and light in equal measure, it's like reading a rainbow."
These are a couple of favourite poems of mine about my favourite Sabbat Beltane:

 - By Ruth Calder Murphy -

Now is when the battle between Summer and Winter
             Finally turns out
King and Queen –
             Flora and Jack in the Green,
Portal by Ruth Calder Murphy
                           Rainbow-wrapped -
                                         Stand tall together.
The world whirls around them,
             Dancing buds of Earth to bursting
Flowering life.
Fires burn bright,
             Blessing, light,
And the dance is over and through the flickering flames.
I will dance myself to a frenzy,
             I will turn myself out with the cattle
                           To graze in pastures new.
I will wash my whole head in May Day dew
             To bask in Summer’s
                           Temporary glory.

My apologies because Ruth has two lovely pics to go with the Beltane and Flora poems but I couldn't get those ones to load for some reason so I chose two other from all her wonderful work for you!

 - By Ruth Calder Murphy -
Artworks by Ruth Calder Murphy

I will dance through fire,
I will drench in dew,
borne on Beltane’s breath
to the heights and depths and lengths of you.
I will leap where the heat is highest
and drown in morning’s tears,
I will pound the ground,
ribbons in hand,
woven to the pattern of years.
Ribbons of ambition,
Ribbons of release,
Ribbons of surrender,
Ribbons of peace,
braided like serpent scales,
they will be shed again,
but new life shimmers
in every step
and death disperses on the rising flame.

 - By Ruth Calder Murphy -
Jack Frost by Ruth Calder Murphy

Welcome Flora,
Bright and beautiful,
Life in your laughter
and joy in your dance,
Arms stretched wide
with blossoming bounty,
Ecstatic fire-flames
spark in your glance.

Welcome Flora,
Bright and beautiful,
heart filled with fire
and face bathed in dew,
Stretch out my arms,
my mind blossom beautiful,
Now let me dance,
to Beltane,
to You.

April Moon
- By Ruth Calder Murphy -

You peer bright

in the night-space
between snow-white-blossomed branches
and wash the world
You are butter-gold
and laced with ivory,
making sonatas
with the ebony sky.
You sigh peace
over the garden,
the cantabile harmony
to the blackbirds’ joy.
Here am I,
bathed in your kisses,
lune-loved and lunatic,
shivering slivers
of moonbeam whispers
onto the tide of a new day.

Picture: "Moonshine" By Ruth Calder Murphy

So here are the links again to contact Ruth: http://www.ruthmathews.net and her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Ruthsart

Thanks very much to Ruth for bringing her wonderful art to the world. Sunbeams and rainbows to you all, Alison


  1. ...one amazingly awesome gifted muse! ~ blessed be...(O:

  2. Wow, thank you for sharing all of this! So beautiful and talented!!