Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Full moon names for the Supermoon June 2013

The full moon this June is going to be a very special Supermoon as I have written about in previous posts.  This will be the largest moon we will see this year and also the closest to us. There will be a lot of amazing full moon energy surrounding us at this time.

The moon in June is named for what is happening in Mother Nature for this time of year. As this is the season a lot of flowers are in bloom a lot of cultures named the moon after the flowers that are in bloom, thus we see the Full Rose Moon being a popular name.

Enjoy this wonderful full moon when so much of mother nature is blooming and blossoming.

Below are the historical names for the full moon from various cultures:

Colonial American         Rose Moon
Chinese                           Lotus Moon
Cherokee                        Green Corn Moon
Choktaw                         Windy Moon
Dakotah Sioux               Moon When Leaves are grown
Celtic                              Moon of Horses
English Medieval         Dyan Moon        
Pagan                           Planting Moon
European                       Rose Moon
Alonquin                       Strawberry Moon        
English                          Flower Moon

Which moon resonates with you the most? Perhaps you would like to choose your own name for this June's super moon? Super Strawberry Sundae Moon? Windy Moon is a very good one to describe the weather here for the past few days!!

Supermoon blessings to you and all your people xxxx


  1. blessings to you for Yule tomorrow xxx

  2. Super moon blessings to you Alison ;o)

  3. tonight! just hours away for us. a big fat moon. i loved reading all these names, thank you for sharing them with us!