Sunday, 16 June 2013

Litha Summer Solstice, free e-card and fire blessing

Litha Blessing

May the sparks of the Litha fire carry your desires up into the universe.
May you draw strength from the fire's flame and comfort from it's warmth.
A blessed Litha to you and all those near to you, may you always be warm and imagine the the soft glow of the fire on your face.

Feel free to send this free e-card to any of your friends or family who you think would appreciate it, or simply print it out to enjoy yourself. Simply right click on the image to save it to your computer. 

Enjoy the warmth and togetherness that this Solstice fire festival brings to you and your family and friends this June. Celebrate with light, candles, fire and warm colours. Above all celebrate with love, warmth and togetherness. Enjoy this longest day of Litha and bask in the light that our wonderful sun brings to our amazing planet.

Tendrils of love and fire to you, Alison xx