Thursday, 13 June 2013

Moon phases for July 2013, full moon 22nd July

Here are the moon phases for July 2013 for you so that you can be prepared! For once I am ahead of myself writing this post on 13th June, usually it is right at the end of the month and I suddenly realise I have not posted the moon phases for the coming month!

So in July we have the new moon on 8th July and the full moon on 22nd July. Perhaps you can start a new project on the new moon on 8th July to follow through during the waxing moon phase, with an aim to completing it at the full moon on the 22nd. You will find that it is easier to follow nature's natural rhythm in this way, as the moon expands in size, so we can use this increase in energy we may feel to good use in projects we may wish to accomplish, that bit of DIY that has been unfinished for months maybe!

Following the full moon on the 22nd the moon begins begin to wane and decrease in size. This is the time for us to rest and re-cuperate. Meditating more during this period will be especially beneficial. Taking good care of yourself is important now; it is OK to go with the flow, you may not have so much energy for the two weeks following the 22nd July and that is fine. Resting now will mean that you have more to give following the next new moon in August 2013. Working with nature rather than against her will lead to a more relaxed, happier and ultimately more efficient you.  Moon blessings to you, Alison xx