Friday, 19 July 2013

Lammas Craft Activity- Making your own Lughnasadh Candle

How to Make your own Lammas/Lughnasadh Candle *´¯`•.¸¸.  *

This is a fabulous candle to make and weave your intentions into. Children and adults alike will love this exercise which is a lot of fun although requires a bit of patience!

Take a long taper candle in a colour that you feel represents you, this might be your favourite colour for example. You may wish for the central candle to be a contrasting colour to the surrounding ones and thus choose a pure white candle.  With a bit of melted wax, stick the candle upright in the middle of an aluminum pie dish. Then, surround the candle with a tight circle of 4-6 more upright tapers. These candles should be in colours you think of when you think of the sun and summer – perhaps white, yellow, orange, red or green. You need quite thin taper candles for this to work easily.

Around noon when the sun is at it’s most powerful, take your candles outside. See the strength of the sun’s rays entering and warming the candles. As the wax warms and softens under the sun’s heat, gently and patiently, bend the candles, wrapping and weaving them around each other and the centre candle representing you and your hopes and dreams. If it’s really hot out and some of the wax is melting too fast, use a little water to cool it down a little bit.

Keep wrapping and bending and visualizing until, instead of 5-7 individual taper candles, you have something that looks like one big, twisty candle. Imagine this candle glowing all over with the sun’s energy, maintaining that wonderful strength within your candle. Visualise the power of the Sun God Lugh directing his strength into your candle.  You can be quite creative in how you wish to bend your candles. This is your Lammas candle creation, you can make it as twisted and funky looking as you like!

How to use your Lughnasadh Candle:
We all have days when we don’t feel as strong as other days. Maybe we’re coming down with a cold or maybe we have to stand up to someone who is intimidating. When you are having a day like this, it’s a good time to take out your Lughnasadh Candle and let it burn a bit. Sit with the candle and, as it burns, imagine the solar star power in it pouring into you until you are filled with the energy your candles. You can then gently blow out the candle until the next time you need it. Know that whenever you need a boost of that wonderful Sun God energy it is there when you need it.

Blessings of Lammas and the Sun God Lugh to you, Alison


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