Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Moon Phases for August 2013. How to plan your life as the moon waxes and wanes.

Moon Phases for August 2013 for you. Here are the moon phases for next month so that you can plan your month ahead and follow nature's ebb and flow.

August starts off with a waning moon so a last chance to do a bit of clearing out and tidying up around the house and garden maybe before the new moon on 6th/7th August. The exact date varies depending which time zone you are in. The August waxing moon phase then gives you an ideal time to perhaps get a new project off the ground. Whilst we are still enjoying the last month of summer perhaps you have a project you would like to complete in the garden before the nights start drawing in or it starts to get just a bit colder. I always feel I have a bit more energy when the nights are lighter so make the most of the increased daylight coupled with the moon's waxing strength this August. 

August 20th/21st sees the full moon when we can bask in her glory and enjoy the powerful energy she will bring for a few days. She will rise shortly after sunset on 20th August and will be visible in the sky for the whole of the night. Sunset on 20th August is around 20 10 BST. Following the full moon phase she will begin to wane throughout the rest of August. We can use that time for inward reflection, for mediation, rest and recuperation in readiness for the next waxing phase of the moon. We sometimes get some quite hot days at the end of August so it is good to use those hot days in the waning moon to take it easy and rest. Use the time in quieter activities. Often you carry out  a space clearing waning moon exercise that doesn't require a lot of physical activities such as sorting out old photographs or deleting files on your computer. I have been doing quite a lot of that during the hot days that we have been having recently when I need to feel useful but am too hot to do anything too strenuous! 

The moon dates for the different moon phases for August 2013 are:
New moon
August 6/7, 2013
First quarter
August 14, 2013
Full moon
August 20/21, 2013
Last quarter
August 28, 2013

I hope you find this useful in planning your month and your activities accordingly. 

I hope you enjoy the August moon as she waxes and wanes and that you find yourself waxing and waning alongside her. As always the key is to find ourselves in balance with nature, our lives will become much easier because of this, as we follow the ebb and flow until it becomes second nature to do so.

May the light of the moon always light your way and be in your heart,  blessings, Alison