Monday, 15 July 2013

Waxing Crescent Moon. Hints and tips for you to make the most of this moon phase

Waxing Crescent Moon

The first moon phase after the new moon is the waxing crescent moon.  As our beautiful moon becomes more visible she appears to grow in size until we see a lovely crescent moon shape. This waxing crescent moon rises around mid morning and sets a little after sunset . The best time to see her in the Western sky is in the late afternoon.

This has been termed the ‘sprouting’ phase of the moon. It is the period of time when the ideas that germinated in the new moon phase will start to germinate and develop into properly formed projects. This is a good time to really look at what needs to change in your life. This is the perfect time to really start to put those plans into action so that you may start to see those ideas form and grow and hopefully come to fruition in time for the full moon in a couple of weeks time.  Even if they are longer term plans, now is a perfect time to be thinking about new ideas and changes in your life.  For example if you want to improve your health now is a good time to work on a healthy eating plan or seek out a practitioner  to aid any recovery you are seeking.

As the moon's gravitational pull on the earth affects not only the tides but all water it also pulls up moisture in the soil. Therefore it is good to plant seeds during the waxing cycle but especially just after the new moon during this waxing crescent phase.  During the waxing crescent moon this is a great time to  plant annuals with above the ground yields, especially leafy plants which produce their seed outside the fruit. Some examples of plants that are good to grow at this time of the waxing crescent moon are asparagus, cabbage, celery, endive, and spinach. Roses also do well to be planted during this waxing crescent phase of the moon.  Plant flowers grown for beauty or fragrance in the first quarter of the waxing moon as well as they will perform particularly well now as they blossom in the waxing moon energy.To encourage your lawn to grow it is a good idea to mow during the waxing moon cycle. Remember to water your plants well during the waxing moon phase as they will love all the extra moisture they are able to absorb at this time.  This is really going back to nature and following the signs that nature is giving us but we have all too often lost in our rushed and hurried modern world. 

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Another very useful book packed with information is: Moon Time: The Art of Harmony with Nature and Lunar Cycles Moon Time shows:

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Just as the moon pulls towards her all the water on our planet so does the water in the cells in our bodies increase. Thus this time of the waxing crescent moon is a brilliant time to think about a care plan to look after your body. Start to think about a plan now when the moon is just in it's waxing crescent phase that you can carry out as the moon continues to wax over the next couple of weeks. Starting a plan now will really mean that you are starting as you mean to go on and you will benefit the most from the swelling energy that we are feeling at the moment from our growing moon.Your body is in absorption mode at this time so think about how you can give it the extra nourishment and moisture that it is craving right now. It is really important to nourish and build up your body when the moon is waxing, and take care over moisturizing your body and hair. Your body will thank you for looking after it at this time of the waxing moon! See my post on giving your body a real waxing moon treat with some home made body butter, create a home spa waxing moon experience!

Enjoy the surge of energy you may start to feel as the moon transforms from a new moon into a visible waxing crescent moon. Begin to work on new ideas and projects you may want to look at but above all take care of yourself and nourish your body and soul. Try and take a little time out for you. Not always easy I know when we all lead busy lives and are perhaps caring for others and it seems our needs are way down the list but it is important to take care of ourselves too so just try and take a little time to put yourself on the agenda too. Make yourself part of the plan for this waxing moon phase and give yourself a little love, care and attention.

Bright moon blessings and sparkles to you,

Alison xxx


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