Sunday, 11 August 2013

Guided Goddess meditation for Mabon, the Autumn equinox.

This is a guided meditation for you to follow during the time of Mabon on the wheel of the year. It doesn't need to be at Mabon it's just that have I have made it relevant to that point on the wheel of the year. However you could use this Goddess mediation anytime you feel it would be beneficial. You could even take it and adapt it or even write your own meditation. I have given this one a Pagan feel trying to make it feel as though you were perhaps someone waking up on the day of Mabon back in the time of our ancestors and attending a traditional equinox celebration. I hope you enjoy!

Today is the day of Mabon, the second of the three celebrations of the harvest on the Pagan wheel of the year. It is a day to celebrate the wondrous bounty that we have been blessed with. Mabon, is the autumn equinox, it is a time when day and night are in perfect balance.  It is time therefore for balancing all aspects of your life and for reconciling any opposites. You feel totally in balance today, all aspects of your health and happiness are being resolved and feel calm.

We give thanks to our Mother Goddess Gaia for all she provides for us and ask her to bless us that the fertility of our land and projects may continue. 

Mabon is a day of much celebration and you awake today with a flutter of excitement in your heart looking forward to the wonderful day you have ahead of you.

Today you are going to see the sun rise before joining the celebration and you thrill in anticipation of feeling nature’s powerful energy course through your body.

You dress quickly and, carrying your wicker basket of corn and other offerings, set off down the lane to the meadow. Your basket is filled with the  fruits and vegetables from your garden and a lovely Mabon loaf you made yesterday. It is just pre-dawn and the fields are shrouded in a fine purple mist. This wonderful ethereal blanket feels cool on your skin.  As you walk you can hear the birds singing their early morning chorus and the grass tickles your feet and soaks your ankles as you brush past it. A rabbit scampers and hides, camouflaged among the browns and greens.

You pass a field that was planted last spring and remember the beautiful time you had there at Beltane, dancing and singing around the maypole. That field is now full with beautiful corn, ripe and dancing in the soft dawn breeze. The cornstalks are tall, almost as tall as you and truly look like Goddesses dancing to their own private melody. Their scent is sweet and is truly the smell of late summer. You feel a shiver of anticipation for the wonderful ceremony of thanks that will follow later on in the day to give thanks for the wonderful bountiful crop.

As you walk and experience all these wonders of nature you begin to think about all that you are grateful for and silently give thanks to our Mother Goddess, Gaia for all that she provides for us. You give thanks for your family and friends and all that is good in your life.

You continue walking along the lane with it’s beautiful hedgerows brimming with life, lost in thought and immersed in the beauty surrounding you.

Eventually the lane opens up to a wonderful wide open field, the sun is nearing the horizon now. Others have gathered here now in silent anticipation of this wondrous event. You smile at the gathered crowcrowd and then take your place, putting your basket of offerings at your feet. You then turn to face the east, palms outstretched. You feel your feet firmly grounded as though they have grown roots right down into the earth itself. Your palms are outstretched ready to reach towards the rays of the magickal sun and your crown chakra is open and receiving the wonderful celestial energy.

The anticipation of the sun’s rising is nothing compared to the actual event and the whole crowd gives out a silent gasp of wonder as the golden red ball slowly begins to rise. First just a tiny sliver but then very quickly a completely round and absolutely perfect sphere. It truly is a magickal moment. You are at one with nature. Your feet are truly grounded and your whole body is filled with a pure golden light from our magickal sun. You are at one with the God and the Goddess. Listen to any messages you may receive at this time.

You spend some time at one with the God and Goddess, soaking in the powerful sun energy as it rises high in the sky. You then turn to enjoy the rest of the day and join in the happy celebrations. You feel happy and relaxed, you are grateful for all that you have in your life and you are looking forward to an Autumn filled with love and hope. 

Mabon blessings to you, Alison xxx