Friday, 2 August 2013

"I see beauty in all things and I radiate joyful happy energy." positive affirmation

"I see beauty in all things and I radiate joyful happy energy." AstarteAlison

Mother nature, our wonderful mother Gaia is an amazing force. If we can tap into that incredible energy and listen to what she is telling us we can learn a lot from her and join in her incredible happy energy. It is no co-incidence that the pentagram, the symbol for paganism occurs time and time again in nature. The Pentagram has been a widespread sacred symbol used since ancient times. To the followers of Pythagoras it was called the Pentalpha. The pentagram demonstrates a five fold symmetry often found in life- starfish, the inside of an apple, flowers, plants and many living things even down to the molecular level.

Traditionally within Paganism the Pentagram is placed within a circle which represents unity and wholeness. This is called the Pentacle. The five points represent Spirit at the top(the all, divine) and then in a clockwise direction Water (emotion, intuition) Fire(courage, daring) Earth (stability, grounding) and Air (intelligence arts)

The Four elements are also associated with the four cardinal points on a compass, Earth- north, Air-east, Fire- south, Water- west.

The pentagram reminds us of our intrinsic need to be close to mother nature. Sometimes in our busy lives we forget to follow the rhythms of our mother earth and don't pay such close attention to the signs that she is giving us. Our ancestors were so in tune with our earth and our moon and we have lost a little of that and now it is time to try and bring some of that back. We can do that simply by paying attention to what stage our moon is at, what cycle we are in the wheel of the year, walking barefoot whenever we can, spending more time outside in the company of nature, noticing the beauty of nature that is all around us. All of this we can do whether we live in the countryside of the city. Even in the inner city there are parks and grass verges that are teaming with mother nature's abundance. Wild grasses and poppies for example pop up wherever there is a spare inch of waste ground! Mother nature cannot be held back, and the moon may be gazed upon wherever you are living.

So do try and see the beauty of nature, spend some time outdoors, preferably barefoot. Do you know what cycle of the moon we are at currently? Observe the beauty of nature, bask in her glory and radiate back that happy joyful energy. Allow your light to shine brightly so that others may enjoy your wonderful illuminated soul.

Beautiful sparkly blessings of our mother nature, Gaia, to you, Alison