Monday, 16 September 2013

How to make fragrant sparkly faerie dust to attract fairys to your garden.

Sparky Fairy Dust

Do you want to attract the faeries into your garden? The faeries love all things sparkly, they also like anything sweet so this is a perfect combination of sweet and sparkly! This is a very simple recipe that is guaranteed to bring the fairies into your home. The fae folk are always around us but sometimes they just need a little encouragement to draw them a little nearer.

This simple recipe is very easy to follow and children will enjoy making it with adult supervision.

Astarte Moon sparkly faerie dust.

1 cup granulated sugar
Handful of and flower petals that you may have in your garden.
Hundreds and thousands, or other cake decorations of your choosing. I find those little silver balls are a big hit!
Lavender flowers.

First of all you need to go foraging for the petals that you are going to use. If you have flowers in your garden then that is great. Brightly coloured flowers are good to use but it’s not too important what variety you use. You can use dried petals if you have them. The lavender gives the fairie dust a lovely smell but again it is not essential. If you do not have a garden or do not have any flowers in bloom then take a walk down to your nearest park. Search out some lovely weeds that you can use, daisies and dandelions are good. Hedgerows are a good place to find wild flowers growing.

When you have found the flowers that you are going to use take your sugar and pour it into your mixing bowl. Next add your flower petals and lavender if you have any. Finally, add your hundreds and thousands or any variety of cake decorations that you choose. You may like to use a few different varieties; anything may be used as long as it is biodegradable. The more exciting and more sparkly, the more the fairies will love your faerie dust!

When you have finished making your fairy dust you can store it in a sealed container. Placed in a nice glass jar it will even make a lovely decoration. If you have used fresh flower petals then they will dry out over time but that is fine, the fairies will still think they are wonderful.

If you are ready to use the faerie dust straight away then it’s time to sprinkle some in your garden! Again this is an activity that children will love to do! Take your faerie dust and just take a minute to charge the dust with your intent. Hold your hands over the faerie dust and feel your energy going into the dust, focus on it attracting fairies into your life and the lives of the people around you. Next sprinkle the faerie dust where you would like the faeries to visit. You may already have a space in your garden dedicated to fairies, a faerie house maybe or a particular tree? If you don’t have a garden you could use a window box or sprinkle a little bit around a plant pot.

There are of course other ways that will attract fairies into your garden and thus enhance the power of the faerie dust. They love wind chimes and anything bright and shiny so you could try some brightly coloured plant pots or garden ornaments. Faeries and water sprites not surprisingly also adore water so if you have a pond in your garden that is wonderful. If not you might consider building a small water feature, the sight and sound of running water is very attractive to faeries. It is also and extremely relaxing thing to have in your garden and you will be amazed by how good it makes you feel. Meditating next to running water is extremely beneficial. If a water feature is out of the question then even something as small as a birdbath will suffice.

Flowers to plant in your garden to attract the faeries include: sunflowers, daisies, cosmos, rosemary, thyme, purple coneflower, pansies, and foxglove. Apple cherry and pear trees are firm favourites, as indeed are any tree or bush that bears fruit. Faeries also love wild flowers so if you can leave a patch of garden free for nature you will have a wonderful patch of nature for you and the fairies to enjoy. You will have the added bonus of having friends such as butterflies visit your garden more often too!

Faerie blessings to you, Alison 


  1. I have 3 sets of wind chimes(because 3 is magical), near my wildflower garden and my "Little Witch Cottage"...the faeries are allowed to play inside my cottage as well.

    Wonderful post, Alison...I will be making some of this faery dust for my garden~~~Thank you :}


  2. Ah thanks for posting Jan. Your little witch cottage sounds wonderful. One of my next projects is making some wind chimes- any tips? Faerie blessings to you, alison xx

  3. Love this post Alison! Thank you! I have many wind chimes around and I do have a wild flower garden too ;o) I will be making this faerie dust ;o) Hugs ;o)