Friday, 6 September 2013

Making healing protective full moon water

Moon Water

When our moon is at her fullest, her beautiful light shines down on us and the power that she has over us and all living creatures that inhabit this earth with us is at it’s greatest. Studies have shown that accident rates are higher at the time of the full moon and a recent study showed that the full moon even affected our quality and quantity of sleep. Making moon water at full moon means that you can harness the wonderful power of the moon to use throughout the month.  So rather than only having a couple of days to soak up the moon’s fabulous energy, you can make this moon water and then enjoy this amazing energy all month.

First of all find a metal or glass bowl.  A nice blue or purple bowl would be good for this moon water exercise.  You then need to fill your container with water. If you can get hold of natural spring water perfect, if not just use tap water, filtered if possible. You now need to find somewhere either in your garden or on a windowsill where it will be bathed in moonlight at some point during the night.  I usually stand for a while in a place where I can see the full moon and imagine the full moon energy coursing through my body and down into the earth so that I am full of energy yet fully grounded. You then need to add your intent to your moon water. Hold your hands over the bowl and picture the moon’s energy entering the water molecules, the spectacular white light shining down and into the very core of each drop of water.

You may like to add a blessing to strengthen your intent such as “Blessed moon lend your strength and courage to the water I make this night. May it be filled with your ever lasting love and healing power, blessed be”
If you have a favourite crystal you can add this to the water, this will increase the water’s power. If you want the water for emotional healing for example, then adding rose quartz to the water would be perfect. Similarly if you want to use the water for protection then you may like to add a little sea salt to the water, which again will increase its natural powers. If you are protecting your home you could use carnelian and if protecting either yourself or your home from negative energy then haematite is a good one to pick. There are of course lots of crystals for different situations so think about what you would like your moon water to do and choose accordingly. If you simply want to harness the power of the moon and have a multi purpose water then the water on it’s own will be plenty powerful.

You probably want to cover your bowl with a layer of thin cling film if it is outside otherwise you end up with little flies in it by morning, which is not ideal! Obviously it is ideal to make this moon water on a clear night when you can see the moon’s rays shining down into your bowl. This however is not necessary, for even when it is cloudy, our moon’s brilliance is still there it’s just that we can’t see her. I have had some brilliant results on rainy stormy nights when all that wild energy has gone into my moon water.

If possible get up before the sun rises to retrieve your moon water.  Pour the moon water into a suitable container to then  use as you require. A thermos flask or a glass container kept in the dark is an ideal container to use. The water can be used in any healing or blessing work that you feel would benefit from the moon’s amazing energy. You can use the moon water to cleanse your crystals, this will leave them with a wonderful full moon energy. You can drink the water a little every day to keep you topped up with that full moon energy all month. Moon water is very healing so if you or someone close to you is ill it can help in the recovery process.

Moon water that you have added sea salt to is wonderful as a protective water. Take your water and sprinkle around the border of your house to protect it. Dab the water on your forehead for protection of yourself against any unwanted energy.

Full moon Blessings, Alison