Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Samhain poetry. Harvest and Harvest Moon by Ruth Calder Murphy

This is a fabulous poem from Ruth Calder Murphy, describing the wonderful transition from summer to autumn. The beautiful painting is 'Transformed' by Ruth Calder Murphy

As the days shrink
and the nights invade the space where
they should be,
I will reach back to the heart of Summer
and bring,
cradled to my heart,
a single Solstice Sunbeam.
I will grow it,
nurture it,
feed it with candles 
and fragrant oils from tropical flowers,
Yoga-stretch it
and clothe it in colour
in the depths
of Winter's ink-black gaze,
I reach my arms wide,
laugh aloud
and with the power
of equatorial days,
my spirit bright,
defy the night
and with Spring in my heart
and Summer in my belly,
remove the season's bushel
and shine my light.
It has grown fat
and blooms happy
and will bear me
all the way to Beltane-
to dandelions
and daisy chains.
Before the days shrink
too far into the night
I will harvest the light.

And another beautiful one on the wonderful harvest moon that shines during October.

Harvest Moon

What will I harvest,
harvest moon
I'll gather Summer
into my barns-
Sunbeams that catch in my lashes-
To be shaken out at Solstice
sprinkling golden memories
like glitter
onto the disbelieving dark
Your perfect face
returns my gaze
and acknowledges my intent.
You who harvest sunshine
every time
you shine

More examples of Ruth's fabulous work may be found here: http://www.ruthmathews.net/ruth.htm


  1. Ruth is a very talented writer...I enjoyed these poems very much. Thank you for posting them, Alison~~~

    1. Yes she is very talented glad you liked it thanks for commenting xx

  2. They are really wonderful - I particularly love the Harvest Moon and the image of catching sunbeams on my lashes! A beautiful post. Thank you

    1. Yes that caught me too, will have to try and remember that one. Thanks for your comments, blessings, Alison xx

  3. Gorgeous poems! They both touched my heart! Thanks Alison ;o)