Thursday, 2 January 2014

Spiritual Events for January 2014

We have an amazingly spiritual January on the way.

We start out of course with our wonderful new moon on 1st January. As I explained in my previous post this is a supermoon which means it is closer to our earth and therefore we can benefit from it’s effects more deeply. This new moon is a wonderful time to start projects and changes that may last throughout the whole of 2014

On the 3rd and 4th January we have the wonderful meteor display, the Quadrantids.

“The annual Quadrantid meteor shower is expected to produce the greatest number of meteors in the wee hours before dawn in early January. Best yet, there will be no moonlight to ruin the show in 2014. In fact, it’ll be a big challenge to catch the young moon and the planet Venus low in the western sky at dusk on January 2. The moon will set at early evening for the next couple of nights, providing us with moon-free darkness for meteor watching.
The Quadrantid meteor shower is capable of matching the meteor rates of the better known August Perseid and December Geminid showers. It has been known to produce up to 50-100 or more meteors per hour in a dark sky. This shower favors the Northern Hemisphere. That’s because its radiant point – the point in the sky from which the meteors appear to radiate – is far to the north on the sky’s dome.” Earthsky.org

On 4th January the sun will reach it’s Perihelion with our earth, this means it is much closer to us than normal. This will be a fabulous day to make some energizing sun water; or just to get out there and enjoy the wonderful warming and power giving rays of our amazing sun.

On 16th January we will have a full moon. This is time of increased energy all around us, a great time to be active and creative.

On 21st January we start the Celtic tree month of Rowan. The Rowan tree shows us strength and power to see us through the cold winter months.

The 28th January sees the fire festival of Up Helly Aa. This is a festival marking the end of Yule and has it’s roots in Norse traditions.

“Originating in the 1880s Up-Helly-Aa in the Shetland town of Lerwick,  has been an annual occurrence for centuries, taking place on the last Tuesday of January every year.  Marking the end of yule, this northern Mardi Gras is a celebration of Shetland history, a triumphant demonstration of the islanders’ spirit and a superb spectacle which his gained worldwide recognition as Europe’s biggest fire festival” http://www.scotland.org/features/up-helly-aa-europes-biggest-fire-festival

On 30th January we are blessed with a second new moon. As it is the second new moon or sometimes referred to as dark moon in the month it is called a black moon. Again this new moon is a supermoon being very close to our earth.

There are lots of spiritual events happening in January 2014. This website has a few details of events happening in the US http://www.examiner.com

The Holistice Directory has details of spiritual events happening in England during January https://www.theholisticdirectory.co.uk/events/month/2014/01

However you spend your January 2014 I hope you have a tranquil and loving one, blessings, Alison


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