Friday, 18 April 2014

Ten Fun Facts About Beltane, the beginning of spring on the Pagan Wheel of the Year

Ten Fun Facts About Beltane

Beltane is derived from ‘Bel’ meaning good and ‘Tan’ meaning fire.

Sunrise On Beltane Glastonbury Tor
Beltane is celebrated on the eve of 31st of April and during 1st May, often called May Day. People would often stay up all night and watch the sunrise.

The Beltane Bel-fire was considered to be the fire of the Gaelic God of Light.

Cattle were driven between two bel-fires to purify them and bring good luck.
Blessing Maypole Glastonbury Beltane
The red and white stripes on the Beltane or Beltain maypole symbolize life (red) and new beginnings (white)

The maypole is a strong fertility symbol, it is said to bring fertiity to hose who touch the maypole.

Beltane or Beltain is traditionally a time for love and new romance.

Green Men Glastonbury May 2013
Jack in the Green or the Green Man represents the fertility of the land and new beginnings and is a strong presence at Beltane

The Goddess and The God are united at Beltane representing the fertility of the land.

At Beltane the Pleiades star cluster rises just before sunrise on the morning horizon. At Samhain, Beltane’s counterpart, Pleiades rises at sunset