Sunday, 27 July 2014

Lammas greetings to all my friends. Free lughnassadh e-card

Lammas greetings to all my friends. You lift my days and warm my heart. Without you the sun wouldn't look so bright and the days wouldn't feel so warm. So I just wanted to take this opportunity on this happy celebration of summer to say thank-you for being there, at the end of the phone, text, email, letter, tweet!
Happy Lammas, may your day be a sunny one!

Sunny Lammas Lughnassadh blessings to all my friends, both near far, via the internet and wherever you are! Alison xxx

Please feel free to send this free Lammas e-card to all of your friends and family to show them you are thinking of them this Lughnassadh.


  1. Thanx for honoring our sacred festivals kind Astarte!... Let us rejoice in the creation of new life, and be part of nature's wondrous cycle ☼.. Merry harvest and much joy to you )♥(

  2. Big Hugs and Many Blessings ;o)
    Happy Lammas Lughnassadh ;o)