Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Ten Facts you may not know about Samhain

Ten Facts you may not know about Samhain

It is pronounced Sow-wen.

Samhain comes from the Gaelic ‘Samhuin’ meaning Summer’s end.

Samhain bonfires were traditionally lit in Scotland and were called Samhnagan.

Samhain is the first day of the Celtic New Year.

Other names for Samhain include Shadowfest(Strega) and Martinmas(celtic Scottish)

It is the time on the Wheel of the year when the veil between our world and the spirit world is thought to be at it’s thinnest.

Samhain was traditionally a time for honouring one’s ancestors: often food was left out.

Originally turnips were carved into lanterns, these later became pumpkins in Halloween traditions.

On the Isle of Man Samhain is celebrated as Hop-tu-Naa

Costumes and masks were worn to ward off evil spirits, this custom has been absorbed into Halloween traditions of today.

Much more in depth information about Samhain traditions can be found here: Samhain

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