Tuesday, 4 November 2014

November Full Frost Snow Beaver Moon. Which name is your favourite?

On Thursday 6th November we will have the beauty of a wonderful full moon gracing our skies once again.

As we consistently see, a lot of our ancient ancestors named our moons depending on what Mother Nature was doing at that particular time of year. November is unsurprisingly no different. Thus we see names such as Snow Moon and Frost Moon for the cold weather we will experience in November. One descriptive one I like is the Dakotah Sioux Moon when Horns are broken off. This refers to the rutting season of the deer. Their neighbours the Lakota referred to the November full moon as ‘the Moon of the falling leaves’. Meanwhile the Ojibwe name was ‘the freezing moon’ and the Osage called it ‘the Coon breeding Moon’

The time of the November full moon was often a traditional time for trading amongst the traditional native American Indians. It was the traditional time for the friendship festival called ‘Adohuna’. Adohuna was a day for atonement for the Cherokee and ritual fasting was observed on the day itself. It was a time for charity and the needy in all the local area were looked out for.

Other popular names for the November name are Hunter's moon and Beaver Moon. More information can information can be found here

In Japan the Goddess Kami was honoured as the Goddess of the kitchen. She is responsible for the food that comes into our kitchens and its preparation into the food that we eat.

Enjoy the cold crispy days of November, as the last of the Autumn leaves fall we see our mother earth gently settling down into the winter slumber. We can look forward to cozy nights in front of the fire or tucked up in bed with a good book(that’s me!) Look out for our wonderful November Frost Moon in the night sky, perhaps you would like to give her your own personal name?

Below are the full moon times in different time zones around the world.
Moon sign: Taurus 14° 25'
Thursday 6th November 2014 11:22:54 pm(CET)
WELLINGTON = Friday * 7th Nov 2014 * 11:22:54 am (NZDT)
SYDNEY = Friday * 7th November 2014 * 09:22:54 am (AEDT)
TOKYO = Friday * 7th November 2014 * 07:22:54 am (JST)
BEIJING = Friday * 7th November 2014 * 06:22:54 am (CST)
BANGKOK = Friday * 7th November 2014 * 05:22:54 am (ICT)
DELHI = Friday * 7th November 2014 * 03:52:54 am (IST)
MOSCOW = Friday * 7th November 2014 * 02:22:54 am (MSK)
RIYADH = Friday * 7th November 2014 * 01:22:54 am (AST)
BERLIN = Thursday * 6th November 2014 * 11:22:54 pm (CET)
LAGOS = Thursday * 6th November 2014 * 11:22:54 pm (WAT)
LONDON = Thursday * 6th November 2014 * 10:22:54 pm (GMT)
RIO = Thursday * 6th November 2014 * 08:22:54 pm (BRST)
NEW YORK = Thursday * 6th Nov 2014 * 05:22:54 pm (EST)
MEXICO CITY = Thursday * 6th Nov 2014 * 04:22:54 pm (CST)
LOS ANGELES = Thursday * 6th Nov 2014 * 02:22:54 pm (PST)
HONOLULU = Thursday * 6th Nov 2014 * 12:22:54 pm (HAST)

Full November moon blessings to you, AstarteAlison xxx


  1. It's the Night of the Hunter's Moon!...Let the Moon and the Stars pour their healing light on you and your beloved ones kind Alison...
    Bright blessings to you too )o(

  2. I hope you enjoyed the November's full moon ;o) I like the name Frost ;o) Blessings ;o)