Friday, 6 March 2015

March Full Moon, a wonderful time to increase your psychic energy

We have a full moon at the moment, the full moon in March is often called the full Crow moon as the cawing of the crows herald the coming of spring.

Other names for the March full moon are Lenten Moon and Full Sap Moon.

The Full Moon brings a time of increased energy for many of us. You may find that you are more restless than usual or have a burst of activity and find yourself completing unfinished jobs. It is also a time for heightened psychic energy. You can enhance that energy with a crystal such as amethyst.

Amethyst is great for  worry and stress, amethyst aids restful sleep. Enhances memory and improves motivation.  Balances hormones, strengthens immune system and fights pain. Amethyst also is wonderful at increasing psychic energy.
This beautiful amethyst crystal is a wonderful way of increasing the your psychic energy at the time of the full moon or indeed at any time throughout the month. The necklace is available at the Astarte-Moon shop along with other crystal healing products. http://www.astarte-moon.co.uk

Amethyst is connected to your crown chakra, wear this wonderful pendant to balance that chakra and enhance your connection to spirit and your inner self.
The beautiful amethyst point pendant comes with a lovely velvet gift bag and surprise free gift as with all Astarte Moon jewellery. The pendant is also heavy enough to be used as a pendulum for divination.
Enjoy the March full moon, may your projects reach fulfilment, your dreams be realised and your inner self connected.
Blessings, AstarteAlison
Amethyst Pentacle Charm

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