Monday, 25 May 2015

Crystal Charms and Goddesses for Healing which are you drawn to ?

Emerging as I often do like a sleepy kitten from a long sleep when I have had these long stretches of migraines I feel drawn to sit and create so that is what I am going to do today, catch up on orders that need posting and make some new pieces. I would like to make some new healing charms I think so if anyone has any needs then please let me know, I love doing special pieces. Each crystal and charm has its own story to tell and put together may be just the right combination for you to begin your own healing and transformation. First thing I am going to make this afternoon is a good luck charm for my daughter who has been studying so hard for her A levels.
Moon Goddess Healing Angelite Pendant www.astarte-moon.co.uk
New Moon Jade Charm for luck and positivitywww.astarte-moon.co.uk

Aceso was the main Greek Goddess for healing. Indeed her name is said to mean curing. She was known for tackling the healing process, the root cause not just the problem itself, thus can be seen as the root of holistic medicine. We of course have a lot to learn from our ancestors in terms of the way we approach modern healing methods. She shared an altar with Aphrodite and Athena and was the daughter of Epipione and and Asclepius. Aceso also spelt Akeso knew the importance of maintaining good health as well as good hygiene in order to stay fit and well, something that was often neglected when looking to cure a specific disease or illness. 
Amethyst Pentacle Charm may help pain relief www.astarte-moon.co.uk

Many of the well known Moon Goddesses such as Aine, Brigid and Isis were known to be powerful healers. Brigid or Brigit was also said to be responsible for fertility and Aine was known for breathing life force into being. Aine is connected with lakes and healing wells. Water is extremely important as a healing aid and I cleanse all my crystals with water from the red spring at Chalice Well gardens in Glastonbury. I bless them all before they are sent out to you so that you may receive the full force of the healing power.

If you are interested in the ancient Celtic ways you might like to take a look at this course that caught my attention. Cat Curacelo's Celtic mysteries course invites you to look at the background that shaped your own life journey and the shapes and symbols that occurred along the way. Cat says

" Whether you are new to 'the journey' or returning to this tribe, this will be a wonderful opportunity to explore and extend your travelling, using visual narrative as a form in this brand new Celtic Mysteries journey that celebrates ancestral remembering and our deep myths."Once Upon a Mythos Cat Caracelo

The important thing to note when looking for healing is to find the right mix of things that are right for you and to remember that your biggest help is Mother Earth. If you are drawn to a particular crystal, goddess, pentacle, stone, herb then there is often a reason for that. Modern medicine can often be used alongside traditional remedies and there is often no reason you cannot take both as long as you check with your healthcare provider. Our earth is a powerful healer and she has much to offer us as long as we give back in return.
Celebrating the earth at Glastonbury White Spring Beltane 2014

In the words of the wonderful Glennie Kindred
"Experiencing deep heartfelt connections to the Earth will bring us closer to understanding ourselves and trusting out intuition. It will help us foster a sense of belonging and love for the Earth and all peoples of the Earth.  To live in harmony with the earth, we need to remember our connection to her."
Glennie Kindred Earth Wisdom

So do you have a favourite healing goddess, a favourite crystal or a favourite icon? Strong symbols can often make us feel powerful and obviously colour makes a difference in the choice of crystal we go for. A carnelian stone with an owl and wolf charm might be my choice for my exam charm.......

Goddess blessings to you, may you be abundant and blessed in all you do this month, AstarteAlison XXXXX


  1. Beautifully written..and such gorgeous healing charms you have created! Loved your tributes to all the powerful Goddesses..magical. My journey often changes and shapeshifts and likewise the symbols/charms too..but that is what makes it magical! Nature is always my go to.. as well as the star/pentacle or pentagram , it just simply holds that never ending power to me! Beautiful post!

  2. Thank you Victoria, I do think we have so much to learn from the magic of nature. Blessings to you, Alison xxx