Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Psychic protection grounding ideas

There are many times you may feel you need an extra bit of protection. Meeting someone negative, walking into a room of strangers or just out in a busy High Street.. I'm sure we have all been aware of standing in a queue and feeling uncomfortable as someone steps in to our space. This is them invading our aura (energy field), and if our energy field is unprotected we will pick up on any energy that they may be giving out. The more spiritually aware and intuitive we are the more sensitive we become to all the energies around us. We especially need to be aware of protecting our energy fields when dealing with other people as a healer/medium or clairvoyant for example..

An important  part of protection is to stay grounded. An easy way of doing this is to stand and imagine you are a tree with your roots growing deep into the ground beneath you. Try and do this as often as you can, once a day is ideal. If you can stand bare footed this is even better but dont worry if you dont have anywhere convenient to do that.

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