Monday, 21 January 2013

Ritual Soothing Bath

Combining a soothing bath with a ritual cleansing is an ideal way of des-stressing, calming your mind or as a preparation for any blessings or magick work that you may want to do

Since time began we humans have been making use of the wonderful healing qualities of water. Just think of the Roman Baths or the Victorians and their bathing and you can see how water has been important to us. According to legend, Prince Bladud, who had contracted leprosy, was cured after bathing in the hot springs at Bath. In gratitude, Bladud founded the City of Bath around the springs in 863BC. Later the Romans made the city very famous, it was a sanctuary for rest and relaxation.

The act of bathing stimulates blood circulation and calms the nervous system. The hot water may help relieve common aches and pains such as those associated with arthritis, menstrual cramps, inflammation, muscle pains and migraines.

So, how to create that “just been to the spa”, wonderful relaxed feeling? The key is to include all four elements: water, fire, earth, air, and to think about each of these as you create your magical bath.

First the element of water- easy, fill the bath up! Now for the element of earth, add to your bath a cup full of dead sea salts for detoxification or Epsom salts for relaxation, sore muscles and headaches. Epsom salts are rich in magnesium which our bodies are often in need of, this is easily absorbed by the skin and will also make your skin feel silky smooth. Both of these you should be able to buy at your local health food shop or on the internet. Now, air, delight and invigorate your senses with a small amount of your favourite bubble bath, or some essential oil; Lavender and Geranium oils are very relaxing, Lavender essential oil is reassuring and excellent  for treating emotional or mental stress. It also reduces muscular pain, whether from illness or physical exertion.  You will need approximately 40 drops of whichever essential oil you choose. Lastly, fire, find some candles and arrange them carefully around your bath or in the room somewhere. You may like to use coloured candles for each of the four quarters and arrange around your bath accordingly.

As you step into the bath say the words:

Water, cleanse me and relax my mind,
Earth ground me and keep me safe,
Air fill me with your happiness,
Fire, lend me your energy and strength.
Spirit I thank you for all that you are, I am blessed to be here right now and rejoice in my being.

You are now ready to enjoy your relaxing bath. Lie in the bath and let the cleansing and healing properties of the bath do their work. Try and think of a peaceful place and imagine that you are transported there if only for just a short time. By connecting with all four elements of our world like this you are connecting yourself to our mother earth and allowing nature to do what it does best: giving you its healing life giving power. Relax and enjoy the powerful feeling of you at one with nature. You may like to choose a particular element to concentrate on, for example water if you feel you need to be more relaxed, or fire if you feel you need to gain more control in your life.

When you are finished and are lovely and relaxed, step out of your healing bath, back into reality but with perhaps a gentler and happier way of looking upon the days ahead of you. Thank the elements for the gifts they have bestowed upon you and remember this feeling of relaxed happiness as you go about your day and your week.

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