Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Drawing down the moon spiritual exercise

A powerful exercise to complete when the moon is full is drawing down the moon. This exercise will fill you with the moon’s wonderful energy and its effects will last well beyond the night it is performed. You can perform this drawing down the moon exercise when the moon is in her waxing gibbous phase just before she is full, or on the night of the full moon and the three days following. It is at this time that our moon is at her peak of energy and thus we can bask in her glory and bring her strength and spirituality down through our bodies and into our lives. This will not only benefit us but those around us. More information on  moon cycles can be found on my website here: http://www.astarte-moon.co.uk/Astartemoon/Moon_Cycles_Phases_waxing_waning.html

Before you begin, create your sacred space in a spot where the full moon or gibbous moon is visible to you and kneel with your arms on either side of your head so that they gently curve inwards. If you can find somewhere where there is not too much light pollution around that is great; I do it in my garden though which is on the edge of a town, as in all such things I believe that you should work with whatever you have got and there is no right or wrong.  First of all clap your hands once just above your head, this will help to clear the space and focus your concentration. Open your arms again to the curved position. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths to centre yourself, then open your eyes and gaze upon the glory of the moon in her fullness. 

Once you feel mentally centred and in tune with the moon’s amazing energy, then mentally bring the moon down into each of your chakras and allow the light to spread throughout your body. You may like to keep your hands in the same position or bring them down to your side as you feel the moon’s energy coursing through your body. Allow the moon energy to pour through your crown chakra, head, arms and neck and then on down through your chest, heart, to the base of your spine, your legs, and your feet. Visualise the white light of the moon moving through each of your chakras and balancing each one of them in turn.
As you do so focus your mind upon the symbol of the Goddess and you may like to chant or repeat in your head
’ Lady of the Moon, Lady of the Moon, come to us be with us Lady of the Moon’
Think about all that our moon does for us and the land and visualize her silvery energy filling your body. At this point, you can meditate to contemplate the powers of the moon. The moonlight is moving through you. You become one with the moon. This wonderful energy you now have within you can be used in many ways for healing and empowerment. You may like to use the energies to heal any sickness in your body, ask for help with depression, or stabilize menstrual cycles.  Lunar energy is also perfect for boosting your energy and self esteem, leaving you feeling fulfilled and empowered. Stay in this meditative state visualizing the moon’s healing energy for as long as you feel you need to.
When you are ready thank the moon for her wonderful gift and be sure to ground yourself before you carry on with the rest of your evening. You can do this by simply standing barefoot on the earth or the grass of your garden for ten minutes. You may like to imagine yourself as a tree with the roots reaching far down into the earth.

For more wonderful ideas on sacred celebrations and working with the moon you could try this brilliant book from Glennie Kindred: Sacred Celebrations

Enjoy the feeling of contentment and power that you will carry inside you for many days to come.

The amazing artwork is from Splendidstories on Deviant art and depicts the moon goddess Luna. Be sure to check out her work it is fabulous, she can be found here: http://splendidstories.deviantart.com/

Many moon blessings to you, Alison xx


  1. ...greetings kindred! ~ your posts are always filled with much thought and gentle dedication! ~ may many blessings find their way to your temple doors! ~ keep dancing dear sister!...(o:

  2. thank you very much for commenting I really appreciate it, many blessings to you, Alison xx

  3. I find the moon has been especially beautiful this month. Although the fullness is passing I still find myself waiting for her to rise and watching her as she glides across the night sky. Blessings