Wednesday, 13 February 2013

St Valentine's Pagan origins, Lupercalia roman festival

Pagan St Valentines Day or Lupercalia.

I thought you might like to know the Pagan origins of St Valentine's Day. Yes I know it has become over commercialised like so many things nowadays but if you go back to it's roots, like so many things, it's deeper than the giving of cards and chocolate! In our house I decorate my dining room for my children with fairy lights and candles and make them a valentine supper with heart shaped and red food!!

St Valentine's Day is the Eve of Lupercalia, the Pagan Roman festival of fertility.
In fact, the 14th of February was the day specially set aside for love lotteries in Pagan Rome. A holiday devoted to Juno, Queen of the Gods, and patroness of marriage, the 14th was also the day on which young girls' names were written on slips of paper and thrown into jars to be picked out by the boys. Chooser and chosen would then be partnered for the duration of the Lupercalia festival. Such arbitrary pairings often resulted in lasting relationships.

So I know it's hard to escape the commercialism of such days as Valentine's day but nice to know that it perhaps wasn't just dreamt up purely by the Greetings Cards industry!

Love and light to you, AstarteAlison

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