Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Tree closely associated with magic-Scott Cunningham quote

I find something truly magical when I am amongst trees, there is something about their magnificent strength that is very grounding and soothing. It is beautiful this time of year with all the snow and frost about, the trees steadfast in their beauty.

"Trees have from time immemorial been closely associated with magic. These stout members of the vegetable kingdom may stand for as long as a thousand years, and tower far above our mortal heads. As such they are symbols and keepers of unlimited power, longevity, and timelessness. 

An untouched forest, studded with trees of all ages, sizes and types, is more than a mysterious, magical place - it is one of the energy reservoirs of nature. Within its boundaries stand ancient and new sentinels, guardians of the universal force which has manifested on the the Earth." - Scott Cunningham 

Blessings to you, Alison xx


  1. Thanx kind Alison for honouring ancient tree lore...Celts had a strong worship of nature sprites, and trees were primarily believed to be the residence of these regent spirits or divinities. Being in fact , a Celtic religion belief accepted nowadays as relatively certain, such as the studies made by Druids about their energy fields, timbers, and medicial virtues. By the way. I am writing a new book upon this subject....and I will let you know when it is ready!

    I have just featured you on my Celtic Sprite blog!...

    Keep up the sacred flame as always!
    Mote it be

  2. Thanks Eliseo that is really kind of you. I have added your blog to my list of favourites and featured your blog. I found your facebook page and like that as well. Will look forward to reading your book!
    Blessings to you, Alison