Monday, 11 March 2013

New Moon Meditation exercise..what words do you see?

New Moon Mediation exercise.*´¯`•.¸¸. ♥ What words do you see?

It is a wonderful new moon tonight with all the magick and promise of new beginnings that arrive at this time.

Sometimes it is hard to know what you need to concentrate on in your life at any one particular moment in time. So try this exercise: have a look at the picture and see what word or words jump out at you. You may just see one or you may see two or three. 

Whichever words you get meditate on those words to see where you might like to make changes, improvements or just focus your life a little differently. You may take the words literally or metaphorically. For example you may get 'climbing' that could mean you have been meaning to book a climbing holiday, or you want to climb higher in your job, or you need to climb out of the hole you feel that you are in. If you get the word mineral, does it mean your body is deficient of certain minerals or is there a mineral or crystal that you would like to purchase for the home?

So have a go and see, what word or words do you get? They are random words, they may strike a chord with you, they may not. If they don't is the word you are searching for missing? What is it? 

Have fun, enjoy the magick and take a little time to ponder on how you will use this fabulous new moon energy.

moon blessings, 

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