Saturday, 20 April 2013

Beltane celebrations in Glastonbury, Pagan, wheel of the year, maypole dancing, fire jumping,

I'm so excited to be off to Glastonbury for Beltane soon. It's my favourite Sabbat, it marks the start of the summer and the weather always seems to be lovely even though it is only the 1st May. I say that, we have had some events when it has rained all day but that never puts people off and the mood is always cheerful!

The photographs are mine from previous Beltane events. If you are featured in any of them and you would like me to take them down then please do say and I will do so immediately.
Beltane Fire 2010

If anyone is in that corner of the world or can make it down it is a wonderful event to go to. You won't be disappointed, everyone is really friendly, we are not from Glastonbury but try and go down as often as we can as we love it down there, but are always made to feel truly welcome.

We start off with the ceremony in the Goddess temple on the 31st which is beautiful. Beltane Ceremony
Tue, April 30, 7:30pm – 9:30pm. More details here: http://www.goddesstemple.co.uk/

Then the next day on Beltane itself there is the sunrise on top of the Tor, it's a very early start but really worth it, a wonderful atmosphere on the top of the Tor to welcome the dawn. This is followed by the wonderful ceremony in the Chalice Well Gardens: Chalice Well

Flowering (Mayday Ceremony)

1 May 2013
Gardens open 5.30am
The ceremony starts 7:00am in the Cress Field above Chalice Well Gardens, followed by fire-jumping.
Maypole Chalice Well Gardens
Following that we usually go and get breakfast before the events begin in the market square at 11.30. (scrambled egg in the Blue Note has to be recommended!) They have wonderful singing dancing and crowning of the May King and Queen, then we all go up to see the maypole on Bushey Coombe. The brave ones take part, I have to say I haven't ever been that brave, maybe this year lol!
beltane head dress
This is information from a wonderful site http://www.wizardwellbeing.co.uk/
"Witness this wonderful revival of the ancient Celtic fertility festival
and kick off the summer with fun, frivolity and passion. You are welcome
to join the wild dance dressed in your own nature spirit costumes,
animals and spirits of the season will come alive as we prepare for a
great cavalcade through town.
 A wonderful array of unique and wild performers, drummers and musicians will play out the ancient
mythology of the season. We will be inviting you to assist the Queen of
the May as the Green Men compete for her favour, and asking you to join
May Queen 2012
in with the cavalcade as we celebrate the summer. The Drummers of Avalon
will mark our steps with the beating drums as we move from the centre
of town to the White Spring on Wellhouse Lane. We request that you stay
on the pavements and try not to spill onto the road.
 Join us at the White Spring to witness the blessing of the red and white
waters of Avalon upon the maypole and the fertile land. Here we pause to
refresh, and listen to the Living Mythology of the Land. Then the
Blessing the May Pole
cavalcade, with the Green men carrying the May pole, will parade up to
Bushey Coombe. The festivities continue, with May pole dancing, the
sacred union and a chance for you to share your songs or poetry.

11am - Meet at the Town Market Square where local musicians and performers will delight with song and dance to delight your day.
1.30pm - Together we will frolic up the High Street to the sacred waters on Wellhouse Lane.
- Gathering at The White Spring followed by The Sacred Marriage of the
Spirit of Water
May Queen and ummer King, Ceremony and Maypole Dancing at Bushey Coombe.

our joy and inspiration, we share with you our love of the season and
our celebration of the summer warmth that allows us to get out into the
night and celebrate the rhythms of nature."

Heel an toe, jolly rumbalo
We were up long before the day-o
Dancing at the White Spring
To welcome in the summer
To welcome in the May-o
Maypole at Bushey 2011
Bushey Coombe 2012 Beltane
May Queen and King 2012
Summer is a comin’ in and winter’s gone away-o
Bushey Coombe Beltane 2012


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  3. Yes I hope so, fingers crossed for the weather but it is always so happy anyway! xx

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