Friday, 19 April 2013

Perfectly imperfect inspirational quote Steve Maraboli: you're not broken

" Stop trying to 'fix' yourself. You're not broken. You are perfectly imperfect and powerful beyond measure" Steve Maraboli.

You are wonderful exactly as you are, none of is perfect that is what makes this world so wonderful, the fact that we are all perfectly imperfect. Imagine how boring it would be if we were all perfect. The way I think about it is we are all trying to do the best that we can with the life that we have. We don't have to be perfect at what we do though we just have to be trying to do what we can do and we all have our own limitations. I know for example that I'm a 'good enough' mother I'm not perfect, far from it. I get angry when I shouldn't, the girls have to make their own dinner when I have a migraine, I may not always give them the attention they deserve: for all these things I feel guilty sometimes but then I remind myself that I am doing my best, I am perfectly imperfect!

I love Steve Maraboli's words he speaks such common sense words directly from the heart. This is from his blog on the subject of the changing of the seasons and the change that is all around us.

"Every few months one season begins to make its elegant exit as another greets us with its refreshing changes. Change is in the air… 

What about you? 

Are you going to allow the world around you to change while you remain stagnant? 
Why not let this season of change be YOUR season? 

Let this be the time when the fresh seasonal transition carries a tune of change that makes your heart dance! 

It’s YOUR season! 
You have been waiting to break free and release your greatest self. Let this be your season. 

Enough of the same old rut! 
Enough of the worries, insecurities, and doubt! 
Enough of the regret! 
Enough of letting undeserving people dictate your moods! 
Enough of giving others power over you! 
Enough of feeling empty and unfulfilled! 
Enough of letting days, weeks, months, and years pass without truly embracing all their blessings! 
Enough is enough! 

Change is in the air. This change reminds us that we are made and beautifully sculpted by the same power that is orchestrating this transition. Let this be the season you embrace and align yourself with this change."

Steve Maraboli 

There is a lot of change around at the moment so embrace that change, embrace the uncertainty and follow your heart, your spirit knows what you should do in every situation. Remember that in every situation and with every decision, you are always doing your best. There are no wrong decisions, the decisions you made were the right ones at the time, even if looking back you feel you may have done things differently. 

You are imperfect, we all are. You are perfect just as you are. Embrace change, embrace the power you have within you, live your life.
Blessings to you, AstarteAlison xx

One of Steve Maraboli's amazing books is Life, the truth, and being Free. I fully recommend his truly inspirational and down to earth writing.

This is what another of my favourite authors; James Redfield, from the Celestine Prophecy has to say: "Radio star, Steve Maraboli's book, Life, the Truth, and Being Free, is a masterpiece of wisdom. Filled with pearls of insight on all areas of life, it speaks directly to the primary issue of our day: How to save this world without losing ourselves. Courageously, Steve maps out the only plan that works - Engage life, stay aligned with the truth, and find the freedom to create something better for those we touch every day."
- James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy


  1. This is a fantastic post! I read it twice ;o) Many Blessings ;o)

  2. Ah thanks hun, he speaks wise words, we are perfectly imperfect! many blessings xx

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