Thursday, 9 May 2013

Beautiful Poppy. Sending gratitude into the universe for life's simple beauty.

Beautiful poppy I thank the Goddess for the strength and the courage that you give to me this day.

I saw my first poppy of the year by the side of the road today. There is something about the poppy that always makes me feel optimisitc. The poppy springs up by the sides of our roads and brightens up our journey and our day. Seeing a beautiful poppy, so bright yet ephemeral reminds me of the need to practice gratitude and so I wrote this simple little prayer.  Allow the poppy to remind you how strong, beautiful and courageous you are. You are able to ride through all of life's ups and downs and there is always something to feel grateful for at the end of everyday. Today I am grateful to that simple little poppy reminding me that hope, abundance and love are all around me. Mother nature is beautiful and abundant and it is all around for everyone to enjoy, so do enjoy, look for your poppy.

Many blessings to you all, AstarteAlison


  1. ...may thee find many more blessings such as the red poppy! ~ to think: it toils not ~ for the earth mother provides for all of her needs ~ poppy blessings are indeed a gracious gift from the hedgerows! ~ and many thanks for sharing her with us here!...(O:
    ...(thankyoU! ~ for visiting! ~ as thee can see ~ i'm still way behind in follow up chats! ~ but i'm getting there ~ nearly finished sixth week post comments!)...

  2. Thank you very much, yes I love seeing the poppies this time of year, brightens the day up! blessings to you xx

  3. Mother nature surprises us with so many beautiful things ;o) The poppy is a beautiful flower to be grateful for! Blessings to you ;o)