Sunday, 28 July 2013

I am enough and I know in my deepest heart you are enough too. Molly Mahar Gratitude Quote

"I am a lover of ripe mangoes, stars in the midnight sky, stories around the campfire, the smell of rich coffee, laughing until I can’t breathe, having someone reach for my hand.   I am a lover, a sister, a storyteller, a daughter, a mentor, and a student. I am enough. And I know in my deepest heart– You are enough too. - "

Some more wonderful words of wisdom I thought that I would quote from the fabulous Molly Mahar. Reading her words always gives me a bit of a lift when I am feeling a bit down. Her words are very wise and make such perfect sense. She teaches use to be thankful for the little things like the smell of coffee and the magic of laughter, it is so important to remember how important these little things are and to try and practise gratitude. I'm still trying to keep up my resolve to practise my gratitude by thinking of three things to be grateful for before I fall asleep, how about you, anybody else finding this is working for you?

The other thing that cheers me up when I'm feeling down is Molly's 'Pollyanna' attitude. She talks about it herself as one of the strategies to make your life better and it really does. It's that whole glass half full/optimism approach to life but it really does work if you set your mind to it. If you tell yourself you are going to have a good day and really believe it and live it, then you will have a better day. It's not always the easiest thing in the world to do at all but it's really worth working at. Act like you are having a good time and you often will have a better time. It doesn't happen overnight and needs working at but it can be done in little baby steps. This is what Molly Mahar has to say on the subject "Optimism can be used in how you talk to yourself in the face of adversity, explain past events & think about the future.  In the quest for the good life, positive expectations can be self-fulfilling.  Cultivating your ability to be optimistic is beneficial to your health & your success." molly mahar

I certainly find that the easiest thing to start off with is how you talk about yourself. You inner self is always listening so the least you can do is at least talk about yourself in a positive light. For example I was always telling people I couldn't do mental arithmetic until I realised I was fulfilling my own prophecy so I stopped doing it. I didn't become a brilliant mathematician overnight but I'm better than I used to be!

Practice gratitude and optimism whenever you can, enjoy the smell of coffee and a good laugh with friends and family. Love others and love yourself for you are wonderful and you are enough, blessings, Alison xxx