Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Business Planning in tune with the moon. Grow your business by following the cycles of the moon.

Business Planning in tune with the moon.

Have you ever thought about how you could make your business more efficient by following the moon’s phases? As our moon moves through her cycles of waxing and waning the changes in energy that we feel may be applied to all walks of life. We often read about how we should be starting new projects in the new moon and cleansing our lives of clutter during the waning moon. However applying these principles to the business world can be quite a challenge!

Running a business is often quite a tight operation. We often cannot decide that we would like to do filing one day just because the moon is right for us to do it on that day. However with a little forward thinking if we are able to manipulate schedules just a little you may be surprised at the results that you obtain. Most well run businesses have an annual and monthly business plan. We may then introduce within that monthly plan the times when it is best to surge ahead with growth, i.e. at the time of the waxing moon vs. the times when it is best to be getting on with the quieter parts of the business, i.e. at the time of the waning moon.

The new moon marks the beginning of the moon’s cycle. This should be the beginning of any new ideas for your business. This is the time to have strategy meetings, call together different departments to have brain storming ideas, you will find everyone is much more creative at this time of the new moon and fabulous ideas and visions for the future may be sown now. Any planning or visionary ideas should be undertaken at the new moon, including financial planning of any sort.

Ideas put forward during the new moon may then be expanded on during the phases of the waxing moon, particularly during the waxing crescent moon and the first quarter moon when the new moon energy is still recent.  Projects will gain momentum and gather speed until you see them reach fruition as we move from the waxing gibbous moon into the full moon. The waxing moon phase is all about action in the business world, it is about putting yourself out there, full throttle. Selling, putting together advertising campaigns, buying materials, recruiting new staff, holding conferences, finding new premises, writing new blog posts and articles, creating new programs, public relations, collaborations with other ventures, marketing strategies, all these activities should be done when the moon is waxing.

When the moon reaches her full moon phase she is at her peak. This phase only lasts three days but it is a very intense time that you should be prepared for. Things may be a bit fraught but also filled with a highly charged energy. Avoid making big or complicated decisions at this crucial time but instead use the charged energy to complete any tasks that need finishing.

The moon begins to wane after her big crescendo. This is the time to pull back a little and look to internal affairs of your business. Ensure that all your bookkeeping, tax and financial affairs are in order. If tax returns are due the waning moon is the time to complete them.  If any staff dismissals are to be made now is the best time to do it to avoid too much negativity. Maintenance of the building you are in should be looked at now and any jobs attended to. Send out invoices, file and organize, carry out market research, and clear your desk of clutter: you will feel much better for it and be much more productive during the new moon! Use the waning crescent moon phase to start to prepare for the new moon and the beginning of a new cycle, what will your intentions be for the coming month?

Of course this can only be a guideline. If you are in the business of selling cars you are going to be pushing hard to sell cars all month long. This just gives you a way of looking at your overall business, it is possible with a little forethought to change some of the ways in which you complete tasks. You will find that you achieve better results and experience less stress when you fine tune your daily routines and activities to the phases of the moon. Not only will your business run more efficiently and stress free but you will GROW your business by following this simple plan! Worth having a try then isn’t it?

Happy business planning, wishing you lots of success, Alison xxx

Further information can be found in:Llewellyn's 2014 Moon Sign Book: Conscious Living by the Cycles of the Moon (Llewellyn's Moon Sign Books)