Thursday, 12 September 2013

Mabon/Autumnal Equinox Meditation

Mabon/Autumn Equinox Mediation

The Autumnal Equinox is a time of balance. Day and night are of equal length. Use this Mabon meditation to bring about a sense of balance into your life.

You are walking down a bridal path that is leading to a wooded copse. Ahead of you there are beautiful trees in various shades of gold and orange. It is early morning and there is a gentle mist in the air. You climb over a style and then follow the path that leads into the wood. The path leads you between two tall oak trees, standing as sentinels at the entrance to the wood. You feel like they are guarding this sacred space. The two of them, separate yet part of the whole.

Once you pass by the oak trees it is as if the air changes. There is a complete sense of stillness here. The forest is alive yet calm. You hear the birds calling to each other high above in the branches and you see squirrels nimbly jumping from branch to branch. You feel at one with the wonder of this small wood. You realise that nature is in perfect balance here. It is undisturbed by outside influences and has it’s own perfect way of being.

You continue walking through the wood, marvelling at the rich autumn colours of the trees. Eventually you come to a small clearing. There is a fallen down log in the top right hand corner of the clearing. You walk over to the log and sit down and close you eyes. Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth you sit a while and absorb the perfect harmony of this sacred space.

You can hear the chatter of the birds and animals in the wood. You may find that one of them comes over to be near you. If it does, then try and listen to what it may be saying to you.  Ask them if they have any particular message they would like to give to you.

When you feel it is time you are ready to leave the sacred area of the clearing and go back down along the path. You re-trace your steps back to the tall oak tress. On the way you spot a couple of acorns lying on the ground. You pick them up as a reminder of the wonderful experience that you have just had. You put them in your pocket so that every time you touch them you may be reminded and transported back to that feeling of complete calm and balance that you have just experienced.

As you pass by the oak trees you touch each of them and feel their incredible energy, energy that will sustain you throughout the winter months ahead of you. You say goodbye to the tress and the wood and continue on your journey home.

AstarteAlison September 2013