Thursday, 21 November 2013

Yule pentacle charms, the perfect way to celebrate the Winter Solstice

I thought I would post some pictures of my Yule charms that I have recently made in readiness for the seasonal celebrations ahead of us. Yule or the Winter Solstice has long been an important festival in many corners of our wonderful earth. Solstice rites were practiced among many diverse groups as Native South Americans, Celts, Persians, Orientals, and Africans. The winter solstice of Yule  was known as Sacaea to the Mesopotamians, as the Festival of Kronos to the ancient Greeks, and as Saturnalia to the Romans.
Yule Pentacle charm £2.99 yule pentacle charm for love and abundance
As a celebration of this wonderful festival I have created this range of charms. These lovely charms would look great hanging from your tree or together with some mistletoe next to the front door. Alternatively they are great to hang on a chain as a pendant.

Yule is a fire festival, the red pentacle charm is a wonderful celebration of this. Yule is also a special time to get together with loved ones which is why I have chosen murano glass hearts for this particular range.
Yule Pentacle charm £3.99 pentacle charm for Yule
I have many more pagan/pentacle charms available on my website. Prices start at just £1.99. International postage is no problem, just email me and I will give you a quote for the postage based on the weight of what you are buying. Just click on http://www.astarte-moon.co.uk/shop/ for lots more gift ideas.

Green Yule charm £3.99 Yule pentacle charm for protection and abundance

Happy Yule blessings to you, Alison


  1. These are so pretty! Can you e-mail me at stacy8@rogers.com
    I tried to e-mail you before Alison, and it never went through.
    Hugs, Stacy