Saturday, 29 March 2014

Black Moon 30th March 2014. Embrace the change that lies ahead

We have a second new moon on 30th March 2014. The second New Moon occurring in a calendar month is termed a Black Moon.

Be prepared for a sense of change in the air and embrace the future that lies ahead of you. Look forward now and take one day at a time. After this new moon the moon will start to wax again and all those little ideas will start to grow, small changes will become big changes so embrace them now! The black moon gives us two new starts in one month so we are doubly blessed, use it wisely, this energy will be a powerful one. 

It is also Mothers' Day in England so don't forget to embrace your Mother if you have one! If you don't, then hug someone close to you, hugging is good for the soul!

Happy Black Moon blessings to you, Alison xxx


  1. Beautiful post. I wondered about 2 new moons in one month. I know for me, my body, it really reacts with the new and full moons. I've been trying to see connections during waxing and waning. I think I need to spend some time here on your site :) Blessings, Rasz

  2. Hello Alison ;o) Many black moon blessings to you my friend ;o)