Monday, 14 April 2014

Total Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moon 14/15 April. The first of The Lunar Tetrad 2014/15

We have our first lunar eclipse of 2014 on 14/15 April.

Lunar Eclipses are always an exciting event and have throughout time always been seen as a deeply spiritual event.  Of course many years ago our ancestors did not understand why our moon was suddenly disappearing and were very disturbed by this fact, often thinking that they had perhaps angered the gods. Now of course we understand the phenomenon and can enjoy the wonderful sight.

This total lunar eclipse is known as a red moon or blood moon seemingly because it will make our moon take on a beautiful red glow, although it is not really known why the term blood moon seems to have been particular applied to this Tetrad of eclipses.

Mars will be at it’s closest to our earth for the year and together the two really will make spectacular viewing.
Position of Mars from Earthsky.org
The lunar eclipse will begin around 2am EDT and last around three hours.
World viewing map from earthsky.org
This lunar eclipse will be the first of four total eclipses that will occur throughout 2014 and 2015, these are collectively known as a tetrad. The next one will be 28th September, followed by another total lunar eclipse or red moon on  4th April 2015 and finally the last blood moon will be 8th October 2015. The Tetrad is four consecutive lunar eclipses spaced at six lunar months apart from each other, with no partial lunar eclipses in between. This Tetrad is a fairly infrequent occurrence and thus and wonderful cosmic and spiritual experience to be a part of.

This string of lunar eclipses or blood moons will bring a deeper understanding of ourselves. This is a time of high energy pulsing over us in waves. Insight may come in a flash and we need to hang on to sparks as they reach us in a surge. Be careful how you handle relationships particularly those close to you as tempers may be slightly frayed just now.

Enjoy viewing the total lunar eclipse and wonder at the amazing blood red moon. If you are not in an area that you can see the moon from you can always watch online and still see the beauty of our moon and enjoy her power from afar.

Blood moon blessings to you,



  1. Stopping in to wish you a blessed Blood Moon evening...I will be looking up to the skies tonight. :-)

    1. Thanks very much for stopping by, blessings to you xxx

  2. The sky was too cloudy for me to see her ;o) But, I felt her ;o) Blessings my friend ;o)

    1. Yes lot of energy around at the moments, blessings to you lovely xxx