Thursday, 15 May 2014

Full Moon in May, gravitational pull and migraine trigger?

So who got a good view of our May flower full moon last night? I was driving back from the cinema with a friend when we spotted her above the trees. It was a clear night with just a handful of clouds slowly meandering their way over her surface, providing a beautiful vista and demonstrating her powerful glory perfectly. I had a wonderful day full of energy yesterday, how does the moon affect the way that you feel?

Today I still feel that energy and want to get lots done but am being slowed down by the migraine that I often get at the time of the full moon. We know that the tides are higher at the full moon. This is because of the gravitational pull that our Moon has. Tides are affected by both the sun and the moon and although the moon is much smaller than the sun, its proximity to us gives it greater 'pulling power'. When the sun and moon line are in alignment as during a new moon or full moon the moon has a greater effect on the tides and thus they are higher. The moon doesn't just affect the oceans however, although these are most noticeable as they are such a large body of water. This effect happens to all the water on our planet. This is why gardening by the moon is important as the water in the soil will move towards the surface. The water in the cells in our bodies is affected too. Now this is just a theory of mine but I believe that the full moon affects migraines. We see that the full moon affects the behaviour of both people and animals and one of the theories behind this is because of the affect the moon has on the water in the cells of our bodies. I believe that this in turn leads to the full moon being a migraine trigger in certain people. 

Sometime when my head hurts a little less I intend to do a bit more research into this. For now I found this:
"During the early part of the nineteenth century the Swedish chemist Jons Jakob Berzelius laid the groundwork for modern chemistry. He devised Latin symbols for the elements and combined the atomic weights with a chart of electrical charges. His book Larebok I Keon [Foundation of Chemistry] was translated into all European languages, and was largely responsible for the spread of basic chemical knowledge. From the age of 23, he was tortured by migraine headaches, which he believed followed the cycles of the moon. In earlier life, they were irregular, but now they came twice a month, on the days of the new and full moon."http://www.earthpulse.com

Obviously migraine triggers are very complicated and if you do suffer from migraines you will know that there is often not just one trigger. However it is interesting to note that the full moon may be one of the contributing triggers towards a migraine. A little sad I find that such a wonderful occurrence can lead to such pain but I guess it is all part of the cycle of life!

Full moon blessings to you, Alison xxx


  1. Very interesting about the migraines! I saw the full moon and she was beautiful! I had a nice talk with her ;o)
    Many blessings my friend ;o)

  2. blessings to you too my lovely xxx

  3. I apologize for seeing this post so late! We've been really busy!
    We were at a full moon ritual that night but didn't get to see the moon until we were driving home. She was huge and low in the sky, rising, and orange! I wish you didn't have migraines though. I can't remember if I've told you what I have to do when I don't have migraine meds or not. I also can't remember if you've told me what you do to help soothe them away. (forgive me, I'm a little foggy in the head from some meds I have to take) I don't know if it would help you or not, but it's just something that might be helpful. I usually lay down in bed, with the fan blowing on me, and cold, wet wash cloth over my forehead. I also drink something with a little caffeine and take a couple of Ibuprofen. Most of the time I end up falling asleep and sleeping it off.
    I am really happy that you've found some evidence to help support your theory! While it's sad that this happens, it's good to have a little back up when you have to explain it to people.
    Until next time *hugs* and blessings!