Saturday, 18 April 2015

New Moon Affirmation. On accepting the challenges ahead of us in life and practicing Gratitude

We have a new moon today and with it comes an apology from me for not posting in ages. Too much going on I won't bore you with but hopefully life will get on bit more of an even keel now.

So we have a new moon and with it always the hope of new beginnings, fresh eyes on the world, new ways of thinking, amazing opportunities and challenges to be faced. It is an exciting time in the lunar month I always find, as well as sometimes for some an unsettling on, coupled with the time of the full moon I often think this is the most turbulent time, it is how we use this time to our advantage that is the key here really. I have to admit I often do struggle at these times as I do suffer from migraines at the time of the new moon and full moon but try to push through. This is a time of challenge, we all have our challenges to face, the key is how we deal with these. Practicing mindfulness and gratitude are great ways of doing this. Concentrating on the here and now and being grateful for what you have right now, the little things, is a great way to take your mind away from the worry of any larger issues that may be causing you pain. 

What plans do you have for this new moon, do you have any projects you would like to get started on? I plan to book my craft fairs and festivals for the summer over the next few days so that is something to look forward to.

New moon blessings to you,


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