Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The origins of Maypole and Morris Dancing at Beltane

This week we are looking forward to Beltane on the Pagan Wheel of the Year calendar.

Greenmen and the Maypole Glastonbury Beltane 2014
Beltane really does herald the beginning of spring. I have just this morning noticed that my beautiful Ceanothus in the back garden is showing its first blue buds. The tadpoles are turning into little frogs, the birds are looking after their young and the grass once more needs mowing. Spring is indeed in full swing!

Maypole Dancing Glastonbury 2014
Our ancient ancestors worshipped the earth we walk upon and venerated her for what she gives her, giving thanks at every turn of the wheel and as Pagan's we like to do the same. At Beltane this is a wonderful time to give thanks to our Mother Earth for all she provides for us. There has been a lovely increase in popularity in recent times in local maypole dances and morris dances so I'm sure you could find one near you happening over this Beltane may bank holiday. The may pole was a traditional symbol of fertility and the red and white ribbons symbolised the entwining of male and female energies. Morris dancing has long been popular at Beltane, reference's made
Morris Dancers Glastonbury Tor Beltane 2014
by Shakespeare in 'All's Well that Ends Well' point to Morris Dancing being performed on May 1st. It is believed that the Morris dances have magic weaved into them and can bring about luck and ward off evil. More information about the customs and traditions of Beltane or Beltain can be found here Beltane Traditions

I am particularly looking forward to going down to Glastonbury where there will be much Maypole and Morris dancing to welcome in the Summer. We shall welcome in the dawn with Morris dancing on the top of the Tor followed by a ceremony and Maypole at the Chalice Well followed by another Maypole dance at Bushey Coombe. Do try and get to a celebration if you are able to. If not perhaps you can entwine some ribbons whilst you think of our wonderful Mother Earth and all she provides for us, if you are able to get up and see the sunrise, enjoy the splendour of a new dawn, the wonder of our amazing sun.
Morris Dancers welcome the sun Glastonbury Tor

Beltane blessings to you,


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  1. HI kindred..Blessings of Beltane..wishing you a most magical time. Fantastic tribute to this sacred time!
    Blessings and sparkles

  2. Hi Victoria, sorry I'm so late in replying, thank you and Beltane blessings to you too xxx